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The W.O.W. Project is a grassroots initiative sustained through the support of our community, within New York's Chinatown and beyond. Your contribution will help fund our 8th year of cultural organizing work. Thank you for helping us grow!

All donations made to the W.O.W. Project are tax-deductible. W.O.W. is a registered 501c3. You can donate by clicking below. If you would like to mail or drop off a check at the shop on 26 Mott St, please write your check out to:

26 Mott St.
NEW YORK, NY 10013

W.O.W. The Crowd Lunar New Year Fundraiser

Join us in supporting W.O.W. THE CROWD, our Lunar New Year Fundraiser, as we usher in the year of the 🐲🐉 wood dragon 🐉 🐲which combines the abundance, power, and ingenuity of the dragon with the nurturing qualities of wood.Guided by the traits of the dragon, we fight with renewed commitment for a world in which Chinatown serves and is shaped by its community, a world in which prisons and jails do not exist, a world of abundance, safety, reciprocity.

Guided by the nurturing qualities of wood, we will continue to organize alongside interconnected fights for self-determination at home here in Chinatown and against exploitation and imperialism across the world. To support this, W.O.W. is harnessing our collective power to raise ✨✨$25,000! ✨✨

Your contribution will help fund our 8th year of cultural organizing work, with a focus on youth programming - by and for youth - supporting self determination!!Resist, Recycle, Regenerate (RRR) is a youth program that uses art and activism to support gender expansive youth from Chinatown and creates a leadership pipeline where former fellows become program leaders, mentoring and guiding the next cohort of younger fellows. The upcoming RRR season maintains its commitment to youth leadership while aligning with the principles of land justice.

Land Justice Summer Program, an eight week summer youth program that explores the relationship between land justice and placekeeping work. Weekly intensive workshops immerse NYC Asian youth in understanding the histories and stories of the land we have made our home, the Indigenous and Black communities that have come before us, and the present land use systems that incite further displacement. Together, fellows will use speculative storytelling practices to integrate their learnings with envisioning futures that prioritize stewardship and reciprocity.

High Tide is a speculative community play set in a futuristic, post-climate disaster Chinatown. Past and present W.O.W. youth are invited to build new skills and strengthen relationships with teaching artists by working collaboratively with them in production design, costuming, directing, and acting. Your donation directly supports the reimbursement of dedicated youth members—Development Associate, Operations Associate, Marketing Coordinator, RRR Youth Leaders, RRR & Land Justice Coordinators, Teaching Artists and other youth positions at W.O.W. Every $1,000 helps us cover one week of three part-time youth positions (8-10 hours per week).

A donation of $5,000 enables us to provide a young person with a paid summer internship.

Each significant $8,500 donation secures one paid youth leadership position for RRR or our Land Justice Program!

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