7th Year Anniversary: Trusting Our Tides

May to June 2023

TRUSTING OUR TIDES is all about harnessing the power of low and high tide for quiet reflection and loud celebration inspired by the collectivity, joy, and wisdom we build through change. We honor the cycling tides of our cultural organizing work over the past 7 years and reflect on what it means to leave an imprint– to both receive and offer support to this place and the people who make up the Chinatown community.

The Sun in Our Sails
Saturday, May 27th • 1-3 PM • Columbus Park
On Saturday, 5/27 from 1-3pm in Columbus Park, The W.O.W. Project kicks off its 7-Year Anniversary celebrations with TRUSTING OUR TIDES: The Sun in Our Sails! The Sun in Our Sails  invites youth (16-21) participants with a connection to Chinatown to consider their relationship with the neighborhood using the cyanotype process to create bandanas. Cyanotype is a printing process that uses sunlight to capture shapes on fabric. Together we will ask ourselves what  it means to leave an imprint  —  to both receive and offer support to this place and the people who make up the Chinatown community? Each participant will be invited to bring and create objects to place on their individual bandanas and on a collective tapestry.

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Braving Our Currents: Rituals for Change
Saturday, June 3rd • 6-8 PM • Wing On Wo Storefront

What is your relationship to change? How do we move through times of tumult and tides of change with greater ease and grace for ourselves? In this workshop, participants will be guided to reflect on their relationship to change and transition. Poet, healing practitioner, and cultural organizer River Ying Dandelion will lead us in an evening of altar-making, art-making, grounding practices, dialogue, and community-building. Together, we will learn how to resource each other as a W.O.W. community. *Masks and proof of vaccination required*

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Political Education in Action: Turning the Tides of Anti-Gentrification Work
Saturday, June 10th • 6-8 PM • Bluestockings Coop Bookstore
For the past year, the W.O.W. Project has been engaging in Rootwork, a political education practice created for our team to develop shared analyses about the issues and communities that shape our cultural organizing. To share our experiences, we also created a zine that documents Rootwork’s process, learnings, and resources. To close out and celebrate this pilot year, we are hosting a panel discussion about how political education strengthens our relationships to each other and to movement-building. W.O.W. will be joined by two anti-gentrification organizations to discuss different methods of conducting political education within our communities and the value of developing a consistent study practice alongside other programming, campaigns, and actions.

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Trusting Our Tides: Celebrating The W.O.W. Project's 7 Year Anniversary
Friday, June 23rd • 7-9 PM • DCTV
The W.O.W. Project invites you to an evening of performances, poetry, and theater celebrating the low and high tides of our cultural organizing work through our 7 years and the collectivity, joy, and wisdom we build through change. Performers to be announced!

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