From Chinatown, with Love 2021


Abrons Arts Center, Wing on Wo’s the W.O.W. Project, and grassroots initiative Welcome to Chinatown has come together to celebrate the Year of the Ox with the launch of the first edition of a Lunar New Year Calendar. Designed by photographer Mischelle Moy, this 12-month photo calendar will feature products from 20 Chinatown businesses that evoke celebration of the new year and explore the deep meaning Manhattan’s Chinatown holds for so many in the Asian American community.  Building off of the free calendar giveaway tradition in the neighborhood, patrons who spend $20 or more at participating businesses will receive a free calendar. A limited run of calendars will also be on sale at Wing out Wo and Abrons Arts Center. A percentage of  proceeds from calendar sales will be donated to the Welcome to Chinatown’s Longevity Fund, its small business relief fund supporting Chinatown’s small businesses.

Abrons艺术中心、永安和W.O.W.Project和草根组织Welcome to Chinatown为庆祝2021年农历辛丑(牛)年,将共同推出2021年日历。该日历由摄影师Mischelle Moy设计,以介绍纽约中国城的小商户和他们的产品为主要特色。来自20家纽约中国城商家的作品将唤起大家庆祝农历新年的热情,并鼓励人们探索中国城对亚裔社区的深远意义。本次活动亦会延续社区免费赠送日历的传统,参与的商家将获赠45本日历,以供商家提供给在店内消费满20美元的顾客。此外,永安和和Abrons艺术中心r也将出售少量的日历。日历销售收入的一定比例将捐给Welcome To Chinatown设立的长久金。该基金是支持纽约中国城小企业的小企业救助基金。

Participating Businesses:

  • Bangkok Center Grocery [104 Mosco St.]
  • Bok Lei Trading [63 Mott St.]
  • Go Believe Bakery [239 Grand St.]
  • Golden Unicorn [18 E Broadway]
  • Grand Century Market Inc. [281 Grand St.]
  • Grand Tea Imports [298 Grand St.]
  • Hop Lee [16 Mott St.]
  • Jungs Dried Beef [58 Mulberry St.]
  • Kelly Hair Salon [19 Pell St.]
  • KK Discount [78 Mulberry St.]
  • Lucky King Bakery [280 Grand St.]
  • Manhattan Florist [87B Bayard St.]
  • Mott Optical [52 Mott St.]
  • New York Bo Ky [94 Baxter St.]
  • Oriental Culture Enterprises Co. Inc. (Eastern Bookstore) [13-17 Elizabeth St.]
  • Po Wing Hong [49 Elizabeth St.]
  • Ting’s [17 Pell St.]
  • Wing on Wo. & Co. [26 Mott St.]
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