From Chinatown, With Love 2024

Celebrate Lunar New Year with W.O.W. Project!

Abrons Arts Center and the W.O.W. Project have come together to celebrate the Year of the Wood Dragon with the fifth edition of From Chinatown, With
Love, a Lunar New Year calendar illurated by Amanda Chung, Banyi Huang, Clae Lu, Jen Louie, Anson Lee, and Joy Freund. This year the calendar provides much-needed mutual aid to 12 businesses that are within a 2-block radius of the Manhattan Detention Center construction site.

2024 Participating Businesses

Peony Chinese Bonzai 牡丹盆景花園 106 Walker

Mr. Li specializes in Bonsais and bamboo. He has his own greenhouse in New Jersey, where he grows the plants he sells in the shop. Mr. Li is also
a kung fu master and calls himself Mr. Miyagi.

AppeTHAIze 75 Baxter St.

Appethaize started as Thailicious, which was one of the few Thai restaurants in the area! We spoke to Pat, and she recommends getting the Green Curry and the fun beverages :)
最早叫Thailicious,AppeTHAIze是本社區為數不多的泰國餐廳之一!店主Pat 強烈推薦我們去嚐嚐她家的綠咖喱和各種有趣飲料 :)

Sun Vin Grocery 新榮食品雜貨公司 220 Canal St.

The original owner bought the building in 1987, the store started as a fish/veggie all and was renovated in 2009 to become the supermarket it
is now. Jasmine used to work as a nurse and was taking care of her friend who owns the building, which is how she came to take over the market after
he had to retire due to health reasons.
1987 年,新榮食品雜貨公司的店主買下了該店所在的這棟樓,並從經營鮮魚蔬果起家。2009 年經過翻新,新榮食品雜貨公司才變成了現在的超市。Jasmine經理曾經是一名護士,她一直在照顧新榮的東家。在這位朋友因健康原因不得不退休後,她辭去護士的工作,幫朋友接管了這家食品雜貨公司。

New T.Y.K Trading Inc. 長城人參補品藥材海味公司 87A Bayard St.

Specializing in traditional Chinese medicine, New T.Y.K Trading Inc. is a neighborhood mainstay run by Mr. Lo. Mr. Lo is really passionate about traditional Chinese medicine and has been serving the Chinatown community for over 20 years!

Jojo Duck 九九鴨 131 Walker St.

Jojo Duck started in Flushing, and opened a second location in Chinatown. The store boasts an array of braised meats such as duck neck, chicken
feet, and beef tripe, which are moly popular with Chinese customers, and they recently started carrying buns and other snacks to attract non-Chinese visitors.

Sweets Bakery 思味餅屋 135 Walker St.

Sweets Bakery was established 30 years ago, and was taken over by Johnnie the current owner in the mid-2000s. To this day it maintains its classic Hongkong flavors. Johnnie is particularly proud of the char siu buns, and buys high-quality meat himself to ensure the taste. The pandemic has been particularly challenging for the business, and with rising rent, the bakery has to sell 1000 cups of milk tea a day to make ends meet.
思味餅屋在三十年前成立,在00年代中期由現任店主 Johnnie 接管。時至今日,該店依然保持著經典港風。Johnnie 最引以為豪的是該店的叉燒包!他每日親自采購優質肉類,以確保叉燒包的口感。在疫情肆意和租金大漲的雙重壓力下,餅屋每天要賣出一千杯奶茶才能勉強維持生計。

Wah Yeung Co. 華洋有限公司 81 Mulberry St.

Wah Yeung Co. continues to offer the Chinatown community elevated treasures for home altars, fengshui placement items, old wood-crated
partition panels, molded brass auspicious animals, metal and porcelain urns, vases, and figurines with cultural and historical significance. A visit
will be a feast for your eyes and inspire gift giving and home decorating.
華洋有限公司常年為唐人街社區提供具有文化和曆史意義的家居祭壇、風 水擺件、舊木制隔板、黃銅模制吉祥動物、金屬或陶瓷的甕、花瓶和塑像

Asia Roma 羅馬 40 Mulberry

Asia Roma has been in the neighborhood for over 25 years. The owner, Mei has seen generations of families visit her restaurant, bar, and karaoke spot from all over the city (and even other states!). She loves cooking up Italian food suited for the Chinese palate and entertaining her customers.
羅馬在唐人街已有不止二十五年的历史了。店主Mei见证了一代又一代的人來光顾她的餐厅、酒吧和卡拉 OK。這些顧客不僅來自於紐約市,還來自於其他州。喜歡招待人的她熱衷於烹饪适合華人口味的意大利美食。

Sun Sai Gai 新世界茶餐廳 220 Canal St.

With over 20 years of experience working alongside friends in Chinatown’s restaurant scene, Ming says he “feels happy to see customers come back to
the restaurant - that’s what matters”. His hope for the new year is for more young people to come back and support Chinatown businesses. Patrons love Sun Sai Gai’s barbequed meats the most - pork, duck, pig, chicken - and often enjoy it with noodles or congee.
與唐人街餐飲界的朋友們一起工作了二十多年,店主Ming說“他最欣慰的是看到顧客再次光臨餐館 ――這才是最重要的事情。”他希望新的一年裏,能有更多的年輕人回來支持唐人街的生意。食客們最喜歡新世界茶餐廳的燒肉、烤鴨、燒豬、燒雞――各個配上簡單的粥或面條就立成佳肴!

Mulberry St. Fruit Vendors 茂比利街水果攤 Mulberry and Canal

From morning to night for nearly 28 years, Mui and her family have presented a stunning selection of fresh and seasonal fruit across Mulberry and Canal Street. No matter the weather or season, Mui’s rich colorful fruits bring nourishment to the community. Her favorite fruit are persimmons which you can find in season from roughly October to January.
近 28 年來,從早到晚,攤主Mui和她的家人都會在茂比利街和堅尼街賣時令水果。無論風雨四季,她豐富多彩的水果都滋養著唐人街。Mui最喜歡的水果是柿子,每年大約十月到次年一月是柿子上市的季節。

New Kam Man 金門食品公司 200 Canal St.

Operating for over fifty years, New Kam Man is the oldest Chinese grocery store on the East Coast and has locations in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. NYC Chinatown’s New Kam Man features an expanding array of cute plushies, novelty items, kitchen and housewares in their basement, as well as freshly cooked prepared foods.

Nha Trang One 芽莊越南餐館 87 Baxter

Andy’s parents founded the restaurant in 1992 to bring affordable authentic Vietnamese cuisine to their new home in New York City, a legacy that Andy continues proudly. In the spirit of cultivating a welcoming and warm atmosphere, both for their customers and as a team, the Nha Trang staff celebrates their Lunar New Year together with a roasted pig.
Andy的父母于 1992 年創辦了這家餐廳。該餐館為他們在紐約的新家帶來了物美價廉的正宗越南美食,Andy自豪地繼承了這一傳統。本著為顧客和團隊營造熱情洋溢的氛圍的精神,芽莊餐館的全體員工每年都一起吃烤豬來慶祝農曆新年。

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From Chinatown, With Love 2023

Celebrate Lunar New Year with W.O.W. Project!

January 14, 2023 at 12pm: 

Join us for a celebratory launch event for From Chinatown, With Love 2023, beginning at Abrons Arts Center’s Amphitheater and spanning across Manhattan’s Chinatown. After visiting each of the businesses, our procession will end in front of W.O.W.'s home at 26 Mott St, where community performers will help us ring in the new year. Starting Jan 14th, visit our participating businesses to take home your very own Lunar New Year goodies made by the W.O.W. team! Patrons who spend $25 or more will receive a one page calendar. Patrons who spend $45 or more will  receive a free, limited-edition charm and a calendar.

January 28, 2023 at 12pm:

Catch us at Abrons Arts Center for a free community workshop where participants of all ages are invited to create rabbit-themed headdresses and transform recycled materials into a large-scale community charm to bring good fortune and protection for the Year of the Water Rabbit.

From Chinatown, with Love 2022

Abrons Arts Center and the W.O.W. Project come together to celebrate the Year of the Water Tiger with the second edition of From Chinatown, With Love, a Lunar New Year calendar illustrated by Sarula Bao, Singha Hon, and Laura Lee. This 12-month calendar features bilingual comics depicting the daily rhythm of 12 beloved Chinatown businesses. Beginning on January 29, 2022, patrons who spend $25 or more at participating businesses will receive a free calendar (while supplies last).

為慶祝壬寅虎年,Abrons Arts Center與W.O.W Project攜手推出第二版 「來自中國 城,與愛同行」農歷新年日歷。由Sarula Bao、Singha Hon與Laura Lee創作的中英雙語插畫描繪 了12家深受大家喜愛的中國城企業的日常。

Featured Businesses 特色企业

  • Banh Mi Co Ut 越南面包 [83 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013]
  • B-Unit Beauty [13 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013]
  • Dashop Corp 浩達濤 [8 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013] 
  • Eliz Digital 梁氏冲印 [77 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013]
  • G&J Florist 新四時花鋪 [91 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013] @gjflorist 
  • Good Field Trading Co. 嘉禾公司 [74 Mott St, New York, NY 10013]
  • Ho Wan Bake Shoppe 好運咖啡屋 [146 Hester St A, New York, NY 10013]
  • KamWo Meridian Herbs 金禾中药店 [211 Grand St, New York, NY 10013] @kamwoherbs
  • Malaysia Beef Jerky 富記肉乾 [95A Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013]
  • New Bo Bo Bicycle 城市單車 [96 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013]
  • Sanrio-Bandai [13 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013]
  • Snack Bar [13 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013]

Be sure to join us Saturday, January 15th at Abrons Arts Center for workshops led by Sarula Bao & Singha Hon as part of From Chinatown, With Love!

From Chinatown, with Love 2021

Abrons Arts Center, Wing on Wo’s the W.O.W. Project, and grassroots initiative Welcome to Chinatown has come together to celebrate the Year of the Ox with the launch of the first edition of a Lunar New Year Calendar. Designed by photographer Mischelle Moy, this 12-month photo calendar will feature products from 20 Chinatown businesses that evoke celebration of the new year and explore the deep meaning Manhattan’s Chinatown holds for so many in the Asian American community.  Building off of the free calendar giveaway tradition in the neighborhood, patrons who spend $20 or more at participating businesses will receive a free calendar. A limited run of calendars will also be on sale at Wing out Wo and Abrons Arts Center. A percentage of  proceeds from calendar sales will be donated to the Welcome to Chinatown’s Longevity Fund, its small business relief fund supporting Chinatown’s small businesses.

Abrons艺术中心、永安和W.O.W.Project和草根组织Welcome to Chinatown为庆祝2021年农历辛丑(牛)年,将共同推出2021年日历。该日历由摄影师Mischelle Moy设计,以介绍纽约中国城的小商户和他们的产品为主要特色。来自20家纽约中国城商家的作品将唤起大家庆祝农历新年的热情,并鼓励人们探索中国城对亚裔社区的深远意义。本次活动亦会延续社区免费赠送日历的传统,参与的商家将获赠45本日历,以供商家提供给在店内消费满20美元的顾客。此外,永安和和Abrons艺术中心r也将出售少量的日历。日历销售收入的一定比例将捐给Welcome To Chinatown设立的长久金。该基金是支持纽约中国城小企业的小企业救助基金。

Participating Businesses:

  • Bangkok Center Grocery [104 Mosco St.]
  • Bok Lei Trading [63 Mott St.]
  • Go Believe Bakery [239 Grand St.]
  • Golden Unicorn [18 E Broadway]
  • Grand Century Market Inc. [281 Grand St.]
  • Grand Tea Imports [298 Grand St.]
  • Hop Lee [16 Mott St.]
  • Jungs Dried Beef [58 Mulberry St.]
  • Kelly Hair Salon [19 Pell St.]
  • KK Discount [78 Mulberry St.]
  • Lucky King Bakery [280 Grand St.]
  • Manhattan Florist [87B Bayard St.]
  • Mott Optical [52 Mott St.]
  • New York Bo Ky [94 Baxter St.]
  • Oriental Culture Enterprises Co. Inc. (Eastern Bookstore) [13-17 Elizabeth St.]
  • Po Wing Hong [49 Elizabeth St.]
  • Ting’s [17 Pell St.]
  • Wing on Wo. & Co. [26 Mott St.]