Love Letters to Chinatown


We resist by waging love. The Love letters to Chinatown 給唐人街情書 project seeks to collect love letters, poems, illustrations, paintings, etc. inspired and dedicated to Chinatown to help uplift our neighborhood in its darkest times. We invite you to submit art: poetry, stories, letters, illustrations in response to Huiying's prompt: Write a love letter to a person, business, or organization you hold dear in Chinatown. Consider Chinatown as a living being. What would you say to Chinatown during this time? What do you want her to know? What stories do you want to share?

We’ll be translating and posting the letters up around the neighborhood as we receive them. We’re excited to overwhelm our community with love and care through this project and remind them that we are resilient. See below for some examples of letter submissions!

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Other Projects

Clara Lu and Cynthia Qian created this beautiful guzheng duet inspired by the Love Letters to Chinatown submissions which debuted during our 4 year anniversary celebration in summer 2020.

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