Resist Recycle Regenerate 2020-2021


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RRR 2020-2021 Fellows

Cheryl Chen is a second-generation Chinese-American, studying Music, Chinese, and Japanese at Hunter College. She loves food, music, the arts, and devouring all kinds of fiction and is excited to get involved in Asian-American activism with the rest of the RRR fellows.

Christina Duan is a Chinese-American sophomore at Barnard College trying to discover who they are. Recently, they’ve been immersed in traditional lion dance (even though it is very hard!), photography, the written word, and helping out where she can. They believe that art is an act of resilience in it of itself – I was here, I am here, and I will be here – and she is hoping to carry that quality into her activism and her relationship with Asian culture.

Irene Gao is a nineteen year old Asian-American, who enjoys playing volleyball and the ukulele during her leisure time. Irene joined RRR as a fellow with hopes of discovering more about her heritage, while finding her creative side through papermaking and other various art-making skills. She is excited to use art activism to resist gentrification and contribute to the Chinatown community.  

Kaitlyn Lee is a first-generation Chinese and Burmese American, and a rising junior at Hunter College High School. She is passionate about AAPI activism and creating local change in her communities. She hopes to bring art and expression into Asian American youth spaces through the RRR program.

Rose Lin is a first generation Chinese American college freshmen. She enjoys giving back to the community and learning more about her identity. In joining RRR, she is excited to have the opportunity to educate herself about the intersectionality of art and activism to approach activism from a non traditional perspective.  

Xi Lin is a Chinese-American senior attending high school in the Bronx. Her interests include playing or watching sports, reading a book, playing video games, and drawing random inspirational things. Xi is passionate about helping people break away from factors that are oppressing them to be who they really are and to appreciate themselves even if they are different from others. As a RRR fellow, she is very excited to work with her peers in shaping Chinatown into a safe haven for people and to amplify Asians and other minorities' voices. In addition, she is eager to learn more about Chinatown's heritage and her culture. Xi wishes to accomplish: communities where everyone is accepted for who they are; to end stereotypes for all races; to build a place where people can call home by working together and utilizing our leadership skills and identity as a woman and Asians.

RRR 2020-2021 Leaders

Program Coordinators

Angela Chan was a fellow of RRR’s second cohort, returned as co-leader for the program’s third year, and is now a co-coordinator of the program. She is excited to continue fostering a community and promoting the project’s mission beyond paper making as RRR explores the use of digital film projection as a method of storytelling in its fourth year. She aims to advocate against social issues and build meaningful connections within Chinatown and the larger community through the intersection of art and activism.

Bonnie Chen was a fellow in the program’s second year, a co-leader for the program’s third-year cohort, and a co-coordinator for the upcoming fourth year, where she will be designing and implementing RRR’s first-ever digital curriculum centering projection art and narrative storytelling. She is excited to grow RRR’s youth voices in the movement of social change through the creative arts. Bonnie is currently exploring how digital arts and narratives can play a role in shaping activism efforts and creating lasting change in locally-scaled communities and ultimately expanding nationally. Reach out to her to have conversations about community development, social justice activism, and mobilizing in advocacy and solidarity work.

Program Leaders

Cynthia Qian joined RRR as a third year fellow and is currently a co-leader of the program. RRR helped foster her love for the intersection of art and activism and improved her understanding of her Asian heritage. This program allowed Cynthia to find her own unique voice, which for her was in the form of music, and taught her the wonders of self-expression. RRR was an extremely empowering experience for her as a young Asian-American woman and she is excited to come back and lead the new cohort with the skills and knowledge she gained as a previous fellow and to give them the support and inspiration they need to find their own voice.

Amanda Cui is a past fellow of the RRR program and is currently a co-leader in the program’s fourth year. She is a first generation Chinese-American who is a rising senior at Hunter College High School. Her involvement with Asian American activism first began in her Freshman year and she’s been exploring more ever since. Amanda works with Minkwon Center and also interns for Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou, both of which have allowed her to gain new experience and meet new people. The knowledge she gained from RRR has shown up in other sectors of her activism and she is super excited to continue working with Wing on Wo. Outside of Asian American activism, Amanda loves to embroider (a result of her final project), draw, play the ukulele, and eat hotpot with her family.

Teaching Artist

Emily Chow Bluck is an artist, educator, and organizer based in New York City. These three identities coalesce to shape her evolving art praxis rooted in performance, collaboration, dialogue, and community building. As an eternal foodie, much of her work has manifested as performative installations centering food as a vehicle to unpack the politics around incarceration / self-determination, value / consumption, and invasion / migration. She's returned to RRR as the 2020-2021 teaching artist out of her love for working with young people, Chinatown, and traditional paper and sculptural crafts. To see Emily's work, visit

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